Gate Charity Donates Clothing, Food, and School Supplies to Children’s Shelter in Vietnam
2 min readNov 29, 2022

Millions of children worldwide are orphaned or abandoned every year, often due to the loss of their family or their parent’s inability to provide care due to adverse situations. These children rely on orphanages, non-profits, and other organizations willing to take them in.

Recently, Gate Charity, the non-profit philanthropic organization of Gate Group, the parent company of crypto exchange, has provided school supplies, food, and clothing to children living at the Ky Quang II Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Established as a place of worship in 1924, the Ky Quang II Pagoda was later repurposed into a shelter for abandoned children. Currently, housing more than 280 children, many of whom are living with congenital, physical, or mental disabilities, the shelter provides them with home, education, food, clothing, and general care.

Gate Charity delivered new clothes and school supplies to the children so they could live comfortably and have the tools needed to learn and grow. In addition, the team visited the children and the caretakers who are providing them with much needed care and parentship.

This initiative is the second to come from Gate Charity, following the recent donation to HAÇİKO, an animal rights and welfare NGO based in Turkey. As a recently established philanthropic organization, Gate Charity will continue to launch initiatives and work with other charitable organizations to make an impact worldwide.

About Gate Charity

Gate Charity is a global non-profit philanthropic foundation organization focused on driving the blockchain philanthropy movement globally. Operating under the mission of “Promoting a Balanced World,” Gate Charity aims to unite the crypto community to close the poverty gap, improve the lives of the underprivileged, maximize educational equity, and promote environmental sustainability through innovative and trusted blockchain networks and crypto initiatives.