Gate Charity Brings Together KOLs and Fans in Tokyo for a Unique Calligraphy Experience and Charity
3 min readMay 19, 2023


Gate Charity, a global non-profit philanthropic organization, held the Yanaka Calligraphy Experience Workshop on May 19 at the YANESEN Tourist Information & Culture Center in Tokyo, Japan. Gate Charity CEO Rae Pui, along with five influential Japanese Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), participated in the event to experience the charm of Japanese culture through calligraphy.

The occasion brought together five influential KOLs, including Taka | bb x CryptoTimes, Nangoku, Ryo.stark, kusi, and Cointelegraph SAKI. Participants had the opportunity to actively engage in charity work and explore the sense of collective honor inherent in Japanese culture. The event also helped to raise the brand awareness of Gate Charity in Japan.

Rae Pui said, “Japanese culture boasts a profound cultural heritage. I feel honored to have experienced its unique charm and to be able to join everyone in the charity cause. Let us work together and contribute our love and strength to those in need.”

Experienced calligrapher Udoyoshi(うどよし) at the Yanaka Calligraphy Experience Workshop assisted participants in the one-hour calligraphy experience. By practicing under the guidance of the professional teacher, attendees were able to quickly master the art of writing beautiful Japanese and enjoy the experience. Gate Charity will work with Gate NFT to convert these calligraphy works into NFTs and sell them via Gate Charity’s online platform. All proceeds from the charity sale of NFTs will be used for public welfare donations to the Turkey post-disaster reconstruction.

By making the KOLs’ works into NFTs and selling them online, the Yanaka Calligraphy Experience Workshop also enables fans of these KOLs and the broader audience of Gate Charity to participate in charity work. Gate Charity aims to let more Japanese know that the organization is giving back to society while developing the Japanese market.

As Gate Group celebrates its 10th anniversary, Gate Charity is launching a dedicated webpage to reflect on the past decade of charity work. The organization will also initiate a special fundraising campaign to spread love and support. Gate Charity hopes that in the next ten years, its charity work will continue to benefit more people and have a positive impact on the world.

About Gate Charity

Gate Charity is a global non-profit philanthropic organization focused on driving the blockchain philanthropy movement globally. Operating under the mission of “Promoting a Balanced World,” Gate Charity aims to unite the crypto community to close the poverty gap, improve the lives of the underprivileged, maximize educational equity, and promote environmental sustainability through innovative and trusted blockchain networks and crypto initiatives.

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