Gate Charity Begins Global Blockchain Philanthropy Journey in Turkey, Vietnam, Phillippines, and South Korea
2 min readDec 16, 2022

Blockchain offers new opportunities for social responsibility and philanthropy that were previously unattainable, mostly due to blockchain’s ability to increase transparency, enable decentralized governance, and facilitate unobstructed diversion of capital to important causes. Recently entering the crypto philanthropy space is Gate Group, the parent company of crypto exchange and the newly established Gate Charity, a non-profit blockchain philanthropy organization.

Gate Charity has recently begun announcing its first charitable initiatives, setting the foundation for its broader mission of driving the blockchain philanthropy movement on a global scale. Moreover, its first initiatives are mainly focused on direct charity, in which the organization’s members and volunteers put boots on the ground to carry out charitable acts.

Gate Charity is generating a positive impact worldwide

In November 2022, Gate Charity kicked off its founding by working with the Turkish animal rights and welfare organization, HAÇİKO, donating to support the well-being of neglected animals and paying a visit to one of the shelters.

Subsequently, Gate Charity volunteers donated to the Ky Quang II Pagoda in Vietnam, delivering food and clothing to over 280 parentless children, many of whom live with congenital disabilities. And more recently, Gate Charity donated 50 food packages and clothing to a disadvantaged Aeta community in the Philippines and organized a holiday event for the local children.

This month Gate Charity announced its first blockchain-centred initiative, where children from the Dongmyeong Child Welfare Center in South Korea will have their artwork minted and sold on Gate NFT. All proceeds will go towards supporting orphans in the center’s care.

Overall, Gate Charity aims to support a number of important causes worldwide and is finding ways to integrate blockchain into its philanthropic endeavors. The organization has successfully rolled out several small initiatives to support disadvantaged communities and small organizations in need of funding. However, as the Gate Charity evolves and grows, the impact of its blockchain-integrated philanthropy model will begin to reveal itself further