Gate Charity and SEAD Jambi Launch Fundraiser for Right of Education for Anak Dalam Tribe, Indonesia
2 min readJul 14, 2023

Gate Charity, a global non-profit philanthropic organization, has launched the “Right of Education for Anak Dalam Tribe, Indonesia” fundraising program in partnership with SEAD Jambi (Sobat Eksplorasi Anak Dalam), an NGO focused on uplifting the Anak Dalam Tribe from poverty. This fundraiser is an extension of Gate Charity and SEAD’s “Sustainable Literacy Program,” a joint initiative aimed at addressing the Tribe’s educational struggles.

In June 2023, Gate Charity partnered with SEAD to initiate the Sustainable Literacy Program, starting with a visit to Harjan Village, Jambi, Sumatra Island, Indonesia. The program was launched to address challenges in SEAD’s existing literacy program, which faced inadequate resources and struggled to fit the Tribe’s nomadic lifestyle. The program’s primary purpose is to better teach literacy and numeracy skills to children of the Anak Dalam Tribe through greater funding and a model built around the Tribe’s nomadic way of life.

To accelerate the Sustainable Literacy Program and ensure long-term viability, Gate Charity and SEAD Jambi have launched a fundraiser. Increased funding will serve multiple objectives, such as expanding literacy and numeracy rates, promoting practices for self-sufficiency, preserving cultural identity, and protecting the Tribe’s fragile ecosystem. Each of these objectives aims to secure the Anak Dalam Tribe’s social, economic, and political future.

Gate Charity and SEAD Jambi strongly believe that the success of this fundraiser and program will result in a lasting impact on the Anak Dalam Tribe, ensuring present and future generations are equipped to preserve their culture, protect their lands, and improve their quality of life. Donations to the fundraiser can be made through Gate Charity’s website. Each donation will go directly toward the program and contribute to its success.

Donation link:,-Indonesia

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