Gate Charity and KMU International Volunteer Club Join Hands for Beach Clean-Up and Environmental Awareness
3 min readMay 5


April 29th — 2023, Gate Charity, the charity arm of, partnered with Kaohsiung Medical University International Volunteer Club to host a beach clean-up event at Qijin Beach in Kaohsiung. The event brought together Gate Charity employees and 75 members of the society to clean up the beach, protect the environment, and reduce plastic waste.

The partnership aimed to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and preserving the ocean’s health and vitality. The event sought to promote the restoration of the ocean’s pristine blue waters and revive its natural ecology and vitality. It was also an opportunity for Gate Charity to promote its platform and encourage users to join the effort to protect the environment.

“We are pleased to partner with KMU International Volunteer Club to promote environmental protection and raise awareness of the importance of reducing plastic waste,” said a spokesperson for Gate Charity. “This event is an excellent opportunity for us to show our commitment to social responsibility and promote our platform’s sustainable development.”

Gate Charity is committed to sustainability and social responsibility and has taken many initiatives to promote environmental protection and reduce plastic waste. The company will continue to work with partners and communities to promote sustainable development and make a positive impact on society.

The collaboration between Gate Charity and KMU’sInternational Volunteer Club was a successful effort to promote environmental protection and raise awareness of the importance of reducing plastic waste. It demonstrated both organizations’ commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development and set an excellent example for others to follow.

About Kaohsiung Medical University International Volunteer Club

As a medical university, Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) places “respect for life and pursuit of truth” at the core of its values, with “caring, supporting, and hoping” as its social responsibilities towards supporting vulnerable groups. Since 2005, KMU’s International Volunteer Club has been involved in international medical and humanitarian aid activities, serving the poor, orphans, drug addicts, and sex workers. These experiences have expanded students’ international perspectives, cultivated their international care and exchange abilities, and helped them practice their concern for international affairs and humanitarian medicine through volunteer service.

About Gate Charity:

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