Gate Charity and Gate NFT are Redefining Charitable Giving on the Blockchain
3 min readFeb 16, 2023

Blockchain is redefining how we transfer value, invest, store data, surf the web, and so much more. However, it doesn’t always have to be about personal gain. Another niche area being reshaped by blockchain is philanthropy. In particular, emerging tech foundational to Web3, such as NFTs, is playing a new role in fundraising for non-profit organizations.

It is challenging for a charitable organization to raise funds, but a more promising route for attracting donors is emerging: Web3 philanthropy. A recent success story is a collaboration between Gate Charity and Gate NFT, which saw the launch of charitable NFT collections that raised money for noble causes worldwide.

Gate Charity is a non-profit blockchain philanthropy organization founded late last year to explore new and innovative ways to raise charity funds using blockchain technology. After a few successful volunteer initiatives, Gate Charity teamed up with Gate NFT, the NFT launchpad and marketplace of the crypto exchange, to generate donations through NFT sales.

Philanthropic fundraising redefined with Web3

The premise is simple but very effective. First, an NFT collection is launched featuring original artwork drawn by disadvantaged children worldwide. The NFTs are then sold for crypto, and the funds are given directly to local organizations supporting in-need children or used to purchase materials like clothing or school supplies to be delivered by Gate Charity volunteers.

The 2022 Christmas Seal collection fundraised for the Dongmyeong Child Welfare Center in South Korea, and the ongoing two-part 2023 New Year Seal collection will generate donations for an orphanage in Vietnam and a child education center in India. So far, Gate Charity has focused on mainly supporting orphaned children who are often living with disabilities but has expressed that it will target broader demographics in the future.

The partnership between Gate Charity and Gate NFT has made for a perfect fundraising avenue. Over 12 million users are exposed to the Gate NFT marketplace, where charitable collections are featured. This method comes with the advantage of traceable and transparent donations, adding an extra layer of confidence for donors. Additionally, donors receive a token of appreciation in the form of hand-drawn NFT artwork and other exclusive NFTs that recognize their contributions.

Active charitable collection fundraisers on Gate NFT

Gate Charity still has ongoing NFT fundraisers and calls for more users to help give back to those in need. Currently, the 2023 New Year Seal collection is still available for purchase. Each NFT provides 5 USDT for the Ky Quang II Pagoda orphanage in Vietnam. After this collection completes, the second part will open for sale to raise funds for the Manav Mandir Gurukul education center in India.

These charitable collections have successfully raised money for children in need worldwide, but this model is not only limited to helping kids. In response to the 2023 earthquake in Turkey, Gate Charity launched the Earthquake Recovery Donation collection to help victims recover in the aftermath. The collection is currently receiving donations and is available for purchase on Gate NFT.