Four Free Airdrops to Begin on the Startup Token Launchpad
2 min readMay 29, 2023

Tokens that call the Bitcoin blockchain their home, known as BRC-20 tokens, have recently begun to cool off following a rapid rise in popularity in early May. Despite this, many traders are still looking for new tokens that could be part of the next trend. Well, they don’t have to look very far. Startup, one of the most active token launchpads for high-quality projects, has revealed several new listings that will be offered in a series of free token airdrops. These airdrops only require a user to have a KYC account and a small amount of USDT (which is not deducted). Users can subscribe to one of the following token Startup listings starting on their respective dates:

Each of these projects covers a different segment of the crypto market. They are worth a look and even a subscription, considering the tokens are free.

Each project presents a fresh and innovative take on several technologies, such as Veno, a new liquid staking protocol built on Cronos; Bware Labs, which makes infrastructure, dev tools, and advanced decentralized APIs; Wistaverse, the first metaverse dedicated to social action; Ignore Fud, leveraging the power of meme culture for innovative DeFi development.

New crypto projects featured every day

The Startup token launchpad presents one of the largest selections of initial and non-initial token listings and launches, offering free airdrops and discounted prices on new projects featured near-daily. Often the first to adopt and support innovations and trends, Startup is a premier spot to find high-quality crypto projects. Recent successes include popular BRC-20 tokens such as PIZA and MAJO, the first BRC-20 decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Historically, Startup has featured nearly 750 different innovations with an all-time high return on investment of more than 8000% on several tokens. Also, more than 11 million crypto users worldwide have participated in projects launched through Startup. Startup’s popularity comes from the platform actively seeking out the newest innovations and market trends while thoroughly vetting each project. Overall, Startup provides unlimited opportunities to become an early participant in the latest crypto developments.