Every Decade, Every Day, For Crypto: Gate.io’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Officially Starts

5 min readMay 22, 2023

Dear users,

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support and trust in Gate.io. Throughout an ever-evolving digital currency landscape filled with change and opportunity, Gate.io has journeyed alongside you through ten transformative years. During this time, we have borne witness to the growth and innovation within the digital currency sphere while weathering the fluctuations and fiery passion of the marketplace. We persist in delivering a safe, speedy, and effortless trading platform to our users and continually present innovative products and features to offer more valuable services and enriching experiences.

We are excited to announce the official commencement of Gate.io’s 10th-anniversary celebration. Gate.io’s 10th Anniversary: Every Decade, Every Day, For Crypto

Over the past decade, Gate.io, as a leading global trading platform, has optimized its strengths to furnish better services and greater opportunities to its users. To celebrate our milestone 10th anniversary, Gate.io has prepared a line-up of engaging activities promising a unique experience and bountiful rewards:

  • Our Gate.io Moments
  • Win Lamborghini
  • Gate Charity 1:1 donation
  • Crypto World Cup
  • Red Packet Airdrop
  • Exclusive P2P Prize Pool
  • Gate.io Wealth management
  • Global Market Maker Competition

Gate.io’s 10th Anniversary: A Journey from 2013 to 2023

Our path over the last decade is marked by passion, challenges, and notable achievements. Founder and CEO Dr. Han Lin has staunchly upheld his faith in Bitcoin and commitment to users, striving to create a safe and secure trading environment for all Bitcoin believers.

Our foremost priority has always been the safety of our users’ assets. By relentlessly refining our system architecture and risk control mechanisms, we ensure robust protection for our users’ assets. In addition, we stay in tune with industry trends and technological advancements, supporting a vast range of cryptocurrencies to cater to our users’ diverse needs. We place great emphasis on user experience and service quality, providing a user-friendly interface and prompt, efficient customer service support.

It’s this adherence to our founding principles that has won us the trust and reputation among users worldwide. With over 13 million crypto users, support for more than 1,700 types of cryptocurrencies, and a daily transaction volume exceeding $10 billion, Gate.io has earned its place as one of the world’s most trusted trading platforms.

Gate.io’s 10th Anniversary: Parallel Tracks of Security and Innovation

Gate.io is not just a trading platform; we are also a torchbearer within the industry. We keep pace with the sector’s development, proactively exploring and deploying new technologies and solutions. We have launched a suite of innovative products, including GateChain, Gate Ventures, Startup, Gate NFT, Sesame Finance, Gate Pay, and Web3 Wallet, to offer users comprehensive trading scenarios and investment opportunities.

Over the past decade, Gate.io has readily embraced industry changes and innovations, creating diverse trading scenarios and investment opportunities for users. Whether it’s GateChain’s efficient decentralized transactions, Gate Ventures’ early investment opportunities, or Gate Pay’s smart payment methods, we embody forward-thinking and innovative capabilities. We will continue to steer the industry’s development, persistently exploring and implementing new technologies and solutions to provide users with a safer, more convenient trading experience.

Understanding the challenges and risks in the digital asset industry, Gate.io has always prioritized the security of users’ assets. We have implemented numerous security measures, including our proprietary digital asset trading system, separate hot and cold wallet storage, the establishment of Gate SAFU (a user asset security fund), and offering users 100% proof of reserve, ensuring maximum protection for our users’ assets. Simultaneously, we also offer a comprehensive solution that combines GateChain, GateDeFi, Web3 Wallet, and hardware wallet for enhanced security.

Gate.io’s 10th Anniversary: A Crucial Milestone

A decade is a significant and transformative period in the digital asset industry. During this time, Gate.io, as a digital asset trading platform, has faced countless challenges and opportunities, maturing into one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms. Throughout this process, Gate.io has always prioritized users, driven innovation, and established security as the cornerstone of our operations, delivering safer, more efficient, and high-quality services.

On Gate.io’s 10th anniversary, let us look back at the significant accomplishments and milestones we’ve achieved in the digital asset industry over the past decade:

  • April 2013: Gate.io was established
  • October 2017: Gate.io launched the international version
  • May 2018: Korea branch was established
  • February 2020: Pledged to provide a 100% Proof of Reserve
  • March 2020: GT was upgraded to platform currency
  • July 2020: Secured the top certification of CER and ranked first in the security evaluation among the world’s 100 trading platforms
  • July 2020: Gate.io passed the Coin Metrics trading volume credibility test
  • April 2021: Gate.io secured a place among the top 3 global exchanges on CoinGecko
  • May 2021: GateChain mainnet officially supports EVM
  • June 2021: Forbes Advisor named Gate.io the world’s best exchange
  • July 2021: Gate.io was named the #1 Best “Altcoin” Cryptocurrency Exchange by Coin Clarity
  • January 2022: Gate.io surpassed 10 million global users
  • April 2022: Gate.io became the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume
  • July 2022: Gate Group officially obtained the fourth type of VFA license in Malta
  • August 2022: Gate Group obtained a Hong Kong custody license
  • August 2022: Gate Group received a DMCC license in Dubai and launched local OTC service
  • November 2022: Gate.io launched its first localized application, GateTR, to accelerate its global strategic expansion
  • April 2023: Gate Group completed Italian VASP registration, expanding into the European market

After a decade of evolution, Gate.io has garnered deep experience and strength in the digital asset industry, establishing a firm foundation for future growth. Moving forward, Gate.io will maintain its commitment to innovation and service, continuing to navigate the opportunities and challenges within the digital asset landscape. We foresee a more thriving and innovative future for the digital asset industry, injecting new vitality into the digital economy’s evolution.

We believe that Gate.io’s 10th-anniversary celebration will offer an unparalleled feast of enjoyment for our users. This celebration serves as both a tribute to our achievements over the past decade and a launch pad into the future. Gate.io will continue to uphold the principle of putting users first, maintaining innovation, and forging ahead, providing users with a safer, more convenient, and diverse trading experience. We trust that with your support and confidence, Gate.io will continue to excel as a leading platform in the digital asset trading field, generating more opportunities and value for our users. Together, let us look forward to Gate.io’s future as we usher in a new chapter in the world of digital assets!