Earn Rewards up to 100 USDT and 20% Commission with Trading Bots on Gate.io

2 min readAug 21, 2023

A great way to enhance your crypto trading is to use automated trading bots. On Gate.io, trading bots can be easily copied from other traders or set up and auto-configured with custom or preexisting strategies, such as grid trading, often used to buy high and sell low during sideways markets.

Even for traders unfamiliar with automated trading bots, getting started is as easy as browsing existing trading strategies from other traders and selecting one that fits your risk tolerance and has good results. Furthermore, several bonuses and rewards exist for users who trade using Gate.io’s Trading Bots platform.

Up to $100 USDT reward for first-time traders

Any user on Gate.io who uses the Trading Bots platform for the first time and then trades again can get a chance at a prize of up to 100 USDT. There are two prize categories; the first is just for participating, while the second is based on total volume ranking. The event is open until September 7, so head over to the announcement for full details, rules, and to register.

20% commission for spreading the word

Gate.io offers up to 20% commission to users who create and share a post on Gate Post, the social media platform built for traders on Gate.io. Users just need to create a post that fits the criteria and includes the hashtag #tradingbotsstar#. Then, posters can earn commissions for each user who engages with their post and trades on the Trading Bot platform within a specific time frame. Check out the event’s announcement page for registration, full details, and rules.

Along with Gate Post, users can now share ideas and techniques and socialize in the new Copy Trading group chat on Gate.io’s mobile app. This is like the town square for copy traders, where everything from professional to casual discussions about copy trading is welcome. To enter the new group chat, navigate to the “Moments” tab on the mobile app, then select “Groups”, and then “Copy Trading”.

Automate and elevate your crypto trading

Gate.io’s Trading Bots platform provides users a convenient and easy way to automate their trading using quantitative strategies. The bots can be created with predefined and auto-configured parameters, fully customized, or simply copied from other traders. Once created, the bots can run 24/7 and be stopped anytime. The platform is full of excellent strategies, ranging from short-term to long-term investment styles, with various levels of risk and reward.