Earn Double Rewards and 40% Rebate with Trading Bots on Gate.io

2 min readOct 17, 2023

Volatility in the market can sometimes lead to uncertainty, but it can also mean opportunity. In particular, with oscillating markets, the price of an asset can shift back and forth within a price range, often reversing and then repeating movements. One way to take full advantage of these opportunities is with quantitative strategies automatically executed by trading bots, which can be set up to monitor the market and make trades at the optimal time.

On Gate.io’s Trading Bots platform, users can create or copy custom and pre-defined quantitative strategies optimized for different market conditions. The quantitative aspect refers to using mathematical analysis and algorithms to determine trades. You don’t need to be a math genius to create a trading bot, as there are simple pre-configuration and AI tools that will generate strategies optimized for the current market. Also, there are plenty of existing strategies created by other users which can be easily browsed, sorted, and copied based on historical performance and type.

Trading Bots on Gate.io are a popular way for users to automate and streamline their trading, with over $2 billion worth of strategic funds currently allocated. Some of the main reasons for using trading bots are to lower trading risks by removing emotion-based decisions, reduce costs by automating elaborate trading tasks, and have the ability to trade in real-time as the market changes.

Double Gains and 40% Cashback on Trading Bot

Until October 15, users can win up to a 40% rebate on fees paid when using the Trading Bots platform. In addition, a few users will be randomly chosen to receive double rewards on their Trading Bots profit. For full terms and conditions and to register, check out the Trading Bots Super Welfare Week announcement.

20% Commission Rebate on Copy Trading

Copy Trading on Gate.io allows users to copy the trading activity of often more experienced traders. It’s a great way for users to easily implement more advanced trading methods and techniques. The platform also allows users to share their trading activity for others to copy, earning commissions generated from copiers. Until October 7, Gate.io offers up to 20% commission rebate on their Copy Trading activity. Full terms, conditions, and registration are in the Mid-Autumn & National Day Gala announcement.