Earn Crypto Income with Gate.io’s Influencer Program

2 min readDec 22, 2022

Global cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io offers a new way to earn an income from crypto. Its Influencer Program gives crypto enthusiasts on social media the opportunity to leverage their knowledge, personality, and reach to earn near-passive income. Moreover, influencers can get paid up to $10 (USDT) per new user invite, among other perks.

By joining the Influencer Program, members can become the voice of Gate.io on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, and more. In addition, the Gate.io Influencer Program offers a variety of rewards for social media users who share Gate.io with their peers, on-ramping new users into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Members receive between $5 and $10 (USDT) and a 40% commission on trading fees for every successful person they refer to Gate.io, with no upper limit to the total rewards earned. In addition, program members receive support from Gate.io’s business department to help build their strategy and gain opportunities to win limited Gate.io merch.

Members have three tiers: Bronze Influencer, Silver Influencer, and Gold Influencer. Each level unlocks access to greater rewards, and the Gold tier opens the door to the Gate.io Affiliate Program.

By reaching the Gold tier for two consecutive months, members can apply to become a Gate.io Agent in the Affiliate Program, earning up to 60% commission on referrals and 10% on sub-referrals. The affiliate program also unlocks access to marketing and campaign assistance through one-on-one support from Gate.io specialists.

Whether you’re just getting a few friends into crypto or looking to earn an income from your social media presence, Gate.io’s Influencer Program offers a way to earn passive income and provides an inroad to the Affiliate Program with better earning opportunities and pathways to growing your following.