Discover the Most Popular DApps on Gate Web3 DApps
2 min readSep 7, 2023

The best DApps (decentralized applications) aren’t always easy to find. Whether seeking a DEX, new play-to-earn games, or decentralized social media platforms, there’s a near-infinite sea of options.

Compared with traditional applications, DApps differ in that they’re powered by decentralized blockchains rather than centralized computers. Blockchain’s openly accessible and permissionless features mean anybody can access and use them freely. This also means that anybody can create and launch a DApp or something that imitates one. Despite thousands of real, useful DApps supporting billions worth of transactions every day, some may be unintentionally risky, offer a too-good-to-be-true yield, or are downright malicious.

Find every DApp all in one place

Gate Web3 DApps is a new rankings and aggregator platform that lists every decentralized application from every blockchain. Users can discover thousands of the most popular DApps using simple features that allow searching by chain, category, popularity, and risk with real-time data on unique wallet activity and trading volume.

Every category is covered, from DEXes and GameFi to NFT collectibles, social media, and much more. Also, it lists popular, recommended, and recently launched DApps, so you can track the latest trends and join in on the newest launches. Further, each DApp can be favourited and saved in your collection, so no more sifting through search engine results or social media posts and running the risk of clicking a bad link or encountering a scammer.

Experience and explore Web3

Gate Web3 DApps is a part of the Gate Web3 family of decentralized platforms and tools ready for the future decentralized Internet. Self-custody wallet and portfolio management is made easy by an intuitive dashboard for sending, receiving, and tracking your assets. There’s also single-chain and cross-chain token swapping and transfers, an order book-style perpetual DEX, an NFT marketplace, and a Web3 token launchpad and airdrop aggregator. With all its features, Gate Web3 equips users with the tools and apps needed to delve into Web3 quickly and confidently.

Please note that Gate Web3 DApps aggregates thousands of applications around the web, providing resources and information that can help you conduct due diligence. However, it’s still important as ever to exercise caution and thoroughly research the risks before visiting any website or using any blockchain or application.