Copy Elite Traders on and Win From $100k Max Prize Pool
2 min readJul 28, 2023

With all the unexpected twists and turns in the crypto market, regularly trading during volatility can seem intimidating, despite the many profitable opportunities. This is why many users on choose to use Copy Trading, which allows anyone to automatically copy other, more experienced traders. Now, with a recent event, up to $100,000 is up for grabs in a prize pool for users of’s Copy Trading platform.

For the uninitiated, copy trading is when a trader automatically copies another trader’s position. has an extensive list of lead traders that anyone can browse through and replicate. Each lead trader’s performance statistics and track record are openly available, allowing for a more informed decision. Getting started with copy trading is easy and requires no commitment, allowing for cancellation at any time.

Dynamic prize pool up to $100k

Between July 21 and August 20, any user that trades using the Copy Trading platform can win several prizes, including points used for discounts and crypto rewards up to $200 USDT. Best of all, the points can be earned just by joining the competition. So, head to the event’s announcement for more details, rules, and eligibility requirements.

Get started with the elite trader “Tommy Shelby”

Recently, began highlighting lead traders from the Copy trading platform who have achieved significant gains. By featuring these star traders, other users can find a good trader to copy more easily. The currently featured trader goes by the name “Tommy Shelby”, and has achieved up to 200.5% annualized return, an impressive feat.

To begin copying Tommy Shelby, head to the Copy Trading platform on, enter the trader’s name in the search bar, select “Copy”, and then fill in the parameters. It’s important to remember that past results do not guarantee future returns and that risk always remains when trading any asset, such as cryptocurrencies.