BYOB: Build Your Own Blockchain with Gate Learn’s Free Course
2 min readAug 16, 2023


Have you ever thought about creating a new blockchain? Gate Learn’s latest course will help you become the next Satoshi Nakamoto. The course features four free in-depth lessons covering everything from practical coding to smart contracts, privacy, and use cases. It’s everything needed to build your first Proof-of-Work blockchain using Python.

While building your own blockchain sounds like an exciting endeavour, Gate Learn also provides more easily-consumable content, regularly releasing articles and courses about blockchain, cryptocurrency, markets, and more.

Gate Learn’s latest batch of must-read articles covers over 15 different topics, providing the rundown on several chains and cryptos, such as Syscoin (SYS), Status (SNT), Maverick Protocol (MAV), and summaries of different concepts and recent events, like Litecoin’s halving, slippage, and Bitcoin-based BRC-20 tokens. Each piece of content will give you a better understanding of its topic and can range from beginner to advanced concepts.

Keeping up with the latest protocols and projects can make a massive difference when participating in the crypto markets. With Gate Learn, readers can access a treasure trove of free educational and informational content. Whether learning market terms and slang, catching up on the latest trends, or conducting thorough research and due diligence, Gate Learn has something to offer. Additionally, there are entire courses with in-depth learning experiences, walking readers through individual lessons so they can understand underlying tech and master new skills.

Get paid and get involved with Gate Learn

For those who’ve already learned the ropes and have a knack for writing and content creation, Gate Learn offers up to 50 to 150 USDT for high-quality content that gets selected for publishing on Gate Learn. Through the Creator’s Arena, crypto connoisseurs are invited to write and submit content on just about any topic, which, if published, will be eligible for a USDT reward.

Another way to get involved is to join Gate Learn’s Campus Ambassador Program, where talented college and university students can become the voice of blockchain and crypto education for their peers. Campus Ambassadors spearhead blockchain and crypto adoption by promoting Gate Learn and encouraging others to leverage the platform’s free educational content. This is an opportunity to put your creativity on full display and turn exciting project ideas into reality.