Avatr Integrates Gate Wallet collaborates to Revolutionize P2P Recruitment with Exclusive Mako NFT Launch

2 min readOct 31, 2023


In a groundbreaking move to reshape the future of recruitment, Gate Web 3, is collaborating with Avatr, the pioneering P2P recruitment platform in NFT support with the integration of Gate Wallet in it’s platform. This collaboration marks the exclusive launch of Avatr’s Mako NFT Collection on the esteemed Gate.io global NFT marketplace and Gate Web3 Startup. All the Gate Web3 users can apply their Avatr’s Mako NFT to Avatr’s Dapp via Gate Wallet.

The Mako NFT Collection, comprising 10,000 distinct NFTs, will roll out in three phases, categorized as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Beyond mere collectability, these NFTs provide their holders with unique utilities, including Rewards, Governance, and Empowerment.

Avatr aims to build an NFT-based platform designed to revolutionize P2P recruitment by tokenizing talent. In this ecosystem, both candidates and employers create their unique Avatrs, which consist of fractionalized NFTs. These Avatrs represent a digital reflection of the creator’s quantified performance in tokenized form, enabling rewards for both the creator and NFT holders. These NFTs can be acquired through purchases, referrals, or as rewards.

This tokenization introduces a new dimension to the recruitment process, where NFT values are dynamic and tied to Avatr performance. Higher performance results in better rewards for all NFT holders. This transformative approach redirects the flow of money in the employment sector, prioritizing the workplace community over traditional intermediaries like agencies, job boards, and advertisers. Tokenization allows performance to create a digital signature that makes talent investable.

Both Gate and Avatr share a unified mission: merging the recruitment industry with the limitless possibilities of Web3. Gate, as the frontrunner in the cryptocurrency exchange space, is making strides towards achieving this mission through Gate Web3 Wallet integration and upcoming joint NFT events. These initiatives are designed to ensure that Gate’s vast global user base enjoys unparalleled access to transformative NFTs. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and developments coming soon from both sides.

Author: Avatrdapp.org

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