Automate Your DCA Investing with Auto-Investment and Win $6k+ in USDTEST
2 min readJun 8, 2023

The crypto markets can be volatile, sometimes causing traders to fall victim to emotion-based investing when they do not have a strategy or skills to fall back on. Though, this shouldn’t deter traders from accessing potential gains through the ups and downs. This is where platforms like’s Auto-Investment come into play, which offers an automated service that helps users periodically invest in various cryptocurrencies. It takes the dollar cost average (DCA) method but automates and streamlines the entire accumulation process.

A recent update to the Auto-Investment platform introduced a Featured Strategies section, where the current most popular auto-invest strategies can now be easily located and accessed. The new update provides a hassle-free way for new crypto users to get the wheels rolling on their automated DCA investing.

Try Auto-Investment and win up to $6,300 USDTEST

Along with the new update, launched the Time-Bound Challenge, offering a maximum prize of $6,300 in USDTEST, a bonus asset that can be staked to earn redeemable interest. Participants are tasked with completing various activities, including taking a quiz, copying or creating an investment plan, and investing in a plan. The more tasks completed, the higher the chances of winning. The event is available until June 8th.

What is Auto-Investment? Auto-Investment is a long-term wealth management solution that enables users to automate their crypto investing without worrying about emotions during bear or bull markets. Simply put, it helps users automatically buy a given cryptocurrency at specific intervals, just like dollar cost averaging. This way, when the market is in an optimal spot for a given user, they have already steadily accumulated their holdings.

There’s no lock-up period, and the cryptocurrency can be redeemed anytime, meaning users can sell or withdraw when they feel the time is right. However, it’s important to note that Auto-Investment is not principal guaranteed, meaning there is still a risk of loss if a user sells when the market price is less than the average buy price.

In addition to Auto-Investment, offers a much wider range of wealth management and investment tools on the HODL & Earn platform. Here, users can find flexible and fixed-term products with various risk and potential return levels. For example, there are low-risk short-term products with APR in the single digits, while other high-return products offer APR upwards of 400% but with increased risks. HODL & Earn takes away all the hassle of sifting through countless cryptocurrencies, markets, and trading methods, packaging everything into simple and accessible products.