Art for a Cause: Gate Charity Holds Teen Marine Ecological Protection Painting Event in Philippines
2 min readJun 16, 2023

On the picturesque island of Bohol, Philippines, on June 11th, 2023, a day earmarked for a unique occasion, unfolded an impactful endeavour. Global non-profit philanthropic organization Gate Charity, in collaboration with a local elementary school, organized the third edition of the “Protect the Ocean” event — a painting activity dedicated to teenagers, designed to catalyze environmental consciousness and advocate for the safeguarding of marine ecology.

This event enlisted ten local children, accompanied by their parents, making for a total of 30 enthusiastic participants. The team converged at the Kalachuchi Inn Bohol Diving Center, ready to immerse themselves in the proceedings and take up the brushes of change.

The day started at 9:00 a.m., with each participant being provided with the essentials — brushes, drawing boards, and custom clothing adorned with the event’s logo. With a clear sky above and the scent of paint mixed with the salty sea air, the participants plunged into the activity with zeal. The children, inspired by the beauty of marine life, let their imaginations run wild on the drawing boards, while their parents offered guidance and encouragement.

The primary purpose of the event was not merely to bring together the community in a creative pursuit, but to instill in the younger generation an appreciation for the vibrant and precious marine life. The beautiful yet fragile oceanic ecosystems are under threat from pollution and destructive human activities. The event aimed to remind everyone of our collective responsibility to cherish and protect these ecosystems, starting from an individual level and extending to the broader community.

Delicious food, drinking water, and fruits were provided, adding to the overall vibrancy and joyous atmosphere of the gathering. The event concluded at 1:00 p.m., leaving behind not just beautifully rendered paintings of marine life but also instilling a sense of responsibility among the participants.

Gate Charity’s Teen Marine Ecological Protection Theme Painting Activity was not just a creative meet-up; it was an awakening of the environmental consciousness within young minds. Through this initiative, GateCharity has laid the foundations for a generation that respects the sanctity of marine life and is proactive in its preservation. It was a clear reminder that the power to protect and conserve our oceans rests in our hands, and every small effort counts.