An Overview of OpenPunks on
2 min readSep 29, 2021

As the global NFT market continues to hit new highs, has launched the world’s first community-driven NFT collection with the new OpenPunks series on our dedicated NFT Magic Box marketplace.

In an effort to provide our users with a platform to express their creativity, has launched one of the world’s first community-driven NFT collections, known as OpenPunks. OpenPunks are an attribute-based collection of NFTs where users can purchase the set they like most and create the accompanying graphics based off those attributes.

Only 10,000 OpenPunk NFTs will be minted. As the collection is entirely community driven and remains committed to our users, we have created a dedicated repurchase plan which will see buy back any OpenPunks a year after it was originally purchased, at the original price, should users wish to make use of the offer.

The four main attributes of OpenPunks are their type, role, hair colour and skin tone. OpenPunk #1 was issued with the type as a woman (30%), role as a chef (5%), a yellow skin tone (25%) and silver hair (8%). The first three ‘genesis’ OpenPunks were awarded as prizes in a recent giveaway. Users were invited to design OpenPunks based on the first three sets of attributes where the community ended up voting for the best designs.

All OpenPunks are generated randomly by the system, each with a unique combination of attributes and users will be able to browse through the collection and purchase the ones they like most. OpenPunks owners will be able to create their own designs based on the attribute set and display it on the dedicated OpenPunks page, opting to either keep or trade OpenPunks as they wish. Users can change or update their OpenPunks at any time.

If you’re interested in joining the craze, visit the dedicated OpenPunks page where the full series will be launched soon.