An Overview Of Copy Trading On

Due to its overwhelming popularity, Smart Quantitative Trading has been rebranded to Copy Trading and thoroughly upgraded. The new Copy Trading dashboard has seen a face lift with new features and an improved layout.

Become a Signaller

Strategy providers will now be known as ‘Signallers.’ Signallers will enjoy a 5% profit share on trades made by users using their Copy Trading strategy. If you’re interested in becoming a Signaller, you can visit the ‘Become A Signallers’ section. The more people copy your trades, the more you earn.

New Features

The new Copy Trading dashboard includes a refreshed look, with ‘Recommended Strategies’ and ‘Ranking Top 10’ added on the Copy Trading page. Users can find out the best strategy with ease and invest simply by copying a quantitative trading strategy with a single click. These new sections allow users to take the advantage of the skills of more experienced investors and maximise their earnings.

More Trading Options’s updated Copy Trading dashboard now offers Spot Grid Trading, Future Grids, MACD, MACF-RSI, Double Moving Average, and Dual Average-RSI. Users can quickly create, test, and launch their trading strategies with one click. Additionally, sections like ‘My Strategies’, ‘Configuring Strategies’, ‘Leaderboard’, ‘News’, and ‘Quantitative Tutorials’ have been added on the dashboard.

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