All About Community — Join Your Local Channels To Stay Up To Date With All Things
3 min readFeb 28, 2022 is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms with over 10 million users from across the world and over 1,300 listed coins and tokens. However is more than just an exchange platform, it’s a community with a wide range of services offered to over 190 countries worldwide, with many region-specific and language-specific communities where users can engage with the platform.

Users all over the world have full access to local channels in their regions, allowing them to have voices and share insights, as well as discuss important topics while sharing crypto knowledge. Users also get to stay up to date with new developments, announcements, recent news and even share crypto memes and slang via media channels.

As a global platform,’s media community channels have been designed to suit the lingual needs of users that are from different parts of the world, making available various multilingual channels across social media platforms’s community channels have been set across various media platforms including Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and more, promoting diverse functionality and easy interaction with the team. on Telegram

Consisting of community managers and members, has launched various language channels across Telegram including English, Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Español, French, Portuguese, Italian, Tiếng Việt, allowing users to stay up to date with all the new information and updates.


The’s medium account consists of blog posts and educating articles on trendy topics like’s new product launches, online event details, details of the website’s structure, and available in two languages; Russian and the English.


The Twitter community continues to grow as the platform has become a key way in which crypto users worldwide communicate, with people all over the world connecting and pitching ideas on everything related to cryptocurrency. has several language-specific Twitter channels including English, Deutsch, Russian, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt and Español


The’s Facebook community is also largely dominated by people from all around the world, staying up to date with the latest trends and community events. The language options available are English, Korean, Russian and Tiếng Việt.


The official YouTube channel for provides users with educational clips of the vital need to know about the exchange platform, available in the English and Español languages.

Instagram’s official Instagram account is dominated by a great following base with followers from all over the world, providing them with’s recent updates and developments as well as deriving engagement. Content is uploaded in both English and Korean languages.

Other social media platforms include Reddit, Discord, Github, Vk, Kakao with great numbers of various international members from all around the world!

For more information and links to all of’s various different social media channels, visit the dedicated community page.