Additional Rebate Benefits Added to’s Referral Program With 40% Commission
2 min readApr 28, 2023


Earning an income from crypto can seem complicated, with all the various protocols, staking methods, trading strategies, and so on. Alternatively, crypto users can take a shortcut using referral programs, a no-risk way to earn passive income in crypto.

One of the best referral offers out there is the Referral Program, where users can refer their friends to the exchange and receive a long-term commission on their invitees’ trading activity. Further, users can choose how much income they want to share with their friends; it’s a win-win.

New upgrades. Better benefits.

Recently, stepped up its game and upgraded the referral program with greater benefits. The new upgrades include a commission rebate for new users who sign up and trade through a referral link. Now, users can share their friend’s commissions and earn an additional discounted rebate on trading.

What is the Referral Program?’s Referral Program offers flexible commissions of up to 40% for users who refer other new users to The commission is generated through the standard trading fees, so there are no extra costs or fees for the inviter or invitee. Also, for users feeling generous, they can choose to share a percentage of their commission with their friends.

The referral program is limitless, so users can invite as many other users as they wish, and they will keep earning a commission. Payouts typically happen immediately and will continue for an entire year following a successful invite, so it’s a surefire way to make steady, long-term income in cryptocurrency.

How to earn money with the Referral Program

Getting started takes only a few steps. First, sign up or log in to and visit the Referral Program page. Then, choose the commission rate and generate links. Lastly, share the links with friends to begin earning up to 40% commission every time they trade. This is a no-brainer and one of the most low-risk ways to earn crypto today.