$50,000 in Prizes Offered in Gate.io Quant Trading Strategy Event

3 min readJun 27, 2023

Users can now win their share of a prize pool with $50,000 worth of rewards by registering for the Trading Bots Summer Creation Party event and completing several tasks relating to quantitative strategies and Gate.io Trading Bots.

Besides being completely free to use, one of the best features of Gate.io’s Copy Trading platform is its trading bot features (also referred to as strategy bots). These enable traders to easily create and launch pre-defined quantitative strategies, essentially automated trading bots that rely on quantitative analysis, artificial intelligence, and mathematics to conduct trades. Once launched, other users can copy the strategy, generating profit for the creator through a small fee.

Create a strategy to earn rewards

Up to $20,000 USDT worth of Quant trial funds are being airdropped to users who create a strategy for the first time. Quant trial funds allow users to experience quant trading without risk. They can be used on the Trading Bot platform in several ways, such as for margin, loss deductions, and more.

Creating a quantitative trading strategy is easy, as many are beginner-friendly with pre-configured parameters.

  • Web: Gate.io Home > Copy Trading > Trading Bots > Create Strategy
  • Mobile: Gate.io Home > More > Copy Trading > Strategy Bot > Create a New Strategy

Once here, users can choose and then configure their strategy to their liking, such as profit percentage, which is how much the creator earns when other users copy the strategy. Other parameters include the cryptocurrency to trade with, the total investment amount, and more.

Compete to win up to $300 USDT

After a user creates their first strategy, they can win up to $300 in USDT across two competitions. The first competition applies to the first quantitative strategy created by each user. These strategies will be ranked based on their trading volume, with the top 200 users receiving rewards ranging from $20 USDT to $200 USDT depending on performance. The second competition is ranked on ROI, with the top 100 strategies winning rewards ranging from $20 USDT to $100 USDT

Make sure you create your first strategy to begin winning rewards. Check out the Trading Bots Summer Creation Party event for registration, rules, eligibility, and further details. The event is open until July 3rd.

How to use Trading Bots and Quantitative Strategies?

Gate.io’s Trading Bot platform simplifies quantitative trading by presenting users with various auto-configured strategies that can be created very easily. All o the complex algorithms and math behind the strategy are streamlined into a few parameters for the users to configure themselves. However, this doesn’t mean users can mindlessly create a strategy and profit.

There are various types of strategies with different applications for different market scenarios. Understanding how these strategies work can help users get started with fewer hiccups and avoid misunderstandings. Gate.io provides a detailed guide for beginners looking to quant trade, allowing anyone to harness the power of trading bots.