4 New Projects, Whitelist Access, and VIP Bonus Coming to Gate.io Startup

3 min readJul 21, 2023

After featuring a staggering 800+ projects and token launches, Gate.io Startup will soon exceed $100,000,000 in total funding. These Startup listings are crucial in matching early adopters with the latest blockchain projects. And currently, several token launches are gearing up and will help push the most popular token launchpad to its next milestone. Furthermore, anyone participating in these launches can also win chances at whitelist access and VIP upgrades through the Startup Carnival Week event.

New projects on the Gate.io Startup token launchpad

For those looking to get in on innovative and high-quality crypto projects, four projects are being featured on Gate.io Startup between July 23rd and 31st: AI Earn, Aura Network, GolCoin, and Lucky Bird.

AI Earn

Powered by artificial intelligence, AI Earn is aiming to revolutionize the traditional P2E (play-to-earn) model using a unique puzzle-thinking game equipped with AI. Powered by the AIE token, it merges GameFi and DeFi, providing users with an all-encompassing ecosystem catered to P2E gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Users can subscribe to the AI Earn launch starting July 23, 02:00 and ending July 24, 02:00 (UTC-4).

Aura Network

As the first Cosmos blockchain providing infrastructure for the broader ecosystem, Aura Network optimizes chains for NFT use cases through a robust and scalable layer-1 smart contract blockchain. Artists, creators, and other content providers unlock greater usability and user-friendliness for their digital content, all supported by the AURA token. Aura Network has international partnerships with 100 million active users, opening new avenues for Web3 adopters. The Aura Network subscription begins on July 24, 02:00 and closes on July 25, 02:00 (UTC-4).


Redefining methods of storage, ownership, and exchange of digital assets, GolCoin (GOLC) is built upon the innovative GolChain, a blockchain aiming to revolutionize the crypto landscape. GolCoin focuses primarily on streamlining cross-chain transactions across diverse blockchain networks by utilizing a cutting-edge aggregator DEX and other ecosystem components. GolCoin’s Startup subscription will take place from July 25, 06:00 to July 26, 06:00 (UTC-4).

Lucky Bird

Created by the Singapore-based WEMI Foundation, Lucky Bird (WBIRD) brings infrastructure, economic models, and cross-game layouts to enhance the Metaverse landscape. Part of the future vision includes connecting multiple metaverse products through Lucky Bird NFTs to create a “public chan” for the NFT world. The Lucky Bird Startup subscription will be available from July 30, 05:00 to July 31, 05:00 (UTC-4).

Win whitelist access and VIP upgrades

Gate.io Startup has come a long way through many experience-enhancing iterations. Continuous upgrades and improvements are the result of the dedicated Gate.io community, and that’s why Gate.io is seeking feedback from Startup users. Through the Startup Carnival Week event, users can submit feedback to have a chance at winning a VIP+1 bonus while also gaining spins on the Startup Lucky Wheel with a 100% chance of winning a prize.

Visit the Startup Carnival Week announcement to register and find full details, rules, and eligibility requirements.